Bamboo and a healthy skin.

It is daily fare for me: A young mother with a buggy enters the pharmacy. Concerned, she asks to take a look at the little one in the buggy. The baby has a dry skin with pink or red spots, even a bit flaky. The mom is worried. She has used just about all the cremes and lotion she found in the supermarket, but nothing is effective. Now she looks at me. I can certainly help her by advising the right body lotion and a soft, skin-friendly soap. However, I ask her more questions: What does the child wear? What clothes? Which bodysuits? Under which sheets and blankets does she sleep? Are they made from cotton or synthetic fabrics? Brightly coloured? Where are they made? What do you use as a laundry detergent? Fabric softener? perfume?

She did not expect these questions at all. But they all have an impact on the skin. Because the skin of babies and young children is not yet “finished”, it is much more sensitive and vulnerable than adult skin. The probioma, the layer of good bacteria that protect our skin, is still very fragile and still developing. Chemical residues and dust from far distant lands can cause the skin to panic. What happens then? Right! Atopy, eczema, red spots, dry spots, itching and all its consequences.

So, try to picture it al: Wash your baby with a mild soap that does not disturb the probioma. Always use a suitable bodylotion or cream after washing. Because if you remove the natural protection from the skin, you must always give it protection back. You will even find lotions based on probiotics that help you repair and maintain your own probioma.

Clothing that has direct contact with the skin should be made from a natural fabric. Bamboo or cotton or silk. These fabrics are soft and moisture-regulating. Also look at the coloring of your piece. Ecodying assures you that no harmful substances will remain in your garment after dyeing. Always wash new garments before use. In far distant countries, garments often lie in a dusty and warm warehouse for months. Insect and fungicidal substances are used to keep clothing ‘fresh’.

And last but not least. Take your baby naked on your skin, this not only gives your baby a warm and secure feeling, it also provides the necessary exchange of bacteria that contribute to develop a good and strong probioma. This way your child’s skin is becoming “armed” against future harmful influences.