Bamboo is super soft for the skin.

“Thanks again for the singlet you gave me last week!” Said Selena.

“My son doesn’t want to wear anything else than yours! He says he doesn’t feel it when wearing it. And when he wears it his pearl warts don’t hurt anymore. ”

A week ago I gave Selena a shirt as a gift because she helped me write an important email in French. I didn’t know her son was suffering from pearl warts or molluscum contagiosum. the medical term for pearl warts, sounds like a spell from Harry Potter. It is a common skin infection caused by the molluscum contagiosum virus (MCV). They look like bulging, spherical spots with a shiny surface and a dimple inside and are usually skin-colored. Pearl warts are found in clusters and can appear on the entire body except for the palms and the feet. Generally the warts disappear after 6 to 18 months, but sometimes they remain present for several years. Pearl warts are usually painless, except when they are inflamed. Then they can be particularly painful. The causal virus, MCV, is highly contagious: it can spread from one person to another through simple contact with infected skin.

Selena’s son was infected with the pearl warts after swimming with friends in a public swimming pool. Pearl warts are more common in children with atopic eczema, sensitive skin and reduced resistance.

Bamboo is soft even for the most sensitive skin!

A super soft fabric is obtained from our bamboo sticks that is ideal for the sensitive skin of babies and children. It feels soft and light when you wear it. So soft that you don’t even feel it on your skin.

The skin of babies and children is much thinner and much more sensitive than that of adults. They need softness all the more. Especially children who are extra sensitive to skin irritation or children who already have skin problems, such as eczema, redness, itching, atopy, or highly sensitive children will quickly appreciate the benefits of bamboo underwear.

“No, mom, I don’t want to wear that! I just want my bamboo singlet! ”

Also for the parents of these children it is often a blessing to wrap their little-onces in bamboo. As a mother of a highly sensitive child, I know that it is not always easy.

Getting my son dressed quickly in the morning can easily turn into a real fight and scream.

“No, mom, I don’t want to wear that! That’s not a good T-shirt! It is too hard! “Or” this isn’t good too because it itches ” His sentences that I have to hear almost daily.

It drives me crazy when he dives into his wardrobe looking for an undershirt or T-shirt that he wants to wear. In a few seconds, there are almost no clothes left in the closet. Then everything is scattered around the bathroom …

But everything is better than forcing him into clothes that he doesn’t want to wear. Because that means that we are stuck with a 4-year-old thundercloud all day!

It gives me a great feeling when I pull a soft bamboo undershirt over his head followed by a wonderfully soft t-shirt and sweater without him screaming or fighting.

He is fiddling with the soft fabric

Looking at his reflection in the large mirror.

Already rubbing the panda bear on his belly he laughs at me and asks, “Is this bamboo, mommy?”

“Of course my dear, you know it”

“Mama, I just want bamboo!”….

“And also a panda!”

Written by Apr. Sofie Dierckx on 8 November 2019