Sweaty feet

“The stockings you gave me are really super good! Can I order an additional 10 pairs? I have had less sweaty feet since I wear them and the smell is much less. My wife is super happy! ”

These are the words of a friend. Great man, pretty guy. Early 40s but still young and good looking. He likes to wear fancy sneakers.

But the sneakers have a negative side: sweaty feet and stinky feet. Wet feet, recurrent fungal infections. And especially the smell. Who comes out by the evening before my friend takes off his shoes.

Uncertainty, shame. He has already experienced it all.

He asked my advice on a sunny terrace after a few glasses of wine. Could I, pharmacist, relieve him of his embarrassing problem?

In addition to medical advice, I also gave him a pair of bamboo stockings.

“Are stockings going to solve my problem?” He laughed. “I have tried a lot: thick stockings, thin stockings, no stockings, … It really makes no difference.”

“Give them a try” was my reaction, “you get them for free and you never know …” 😉

Bamboo naturally has antibacterial and antifungal properties. In addition, bamboo absorbs four times more moisture than cotton.

Wearing bamboo socks in your sneakers ensures dry feet. You also have less problems with odor because the growth of bacteria is inhibited. A direct consequence is therefore less fungal infections and itching.

Thanks to the good warmth regulation of bamboo you will have fewer problems with cold feet or with hot, overheated feet.

Bamboo gives you the ideal climate in your shoes all day, all year round. Fantastic anyway!

By Apr. Sofie Dierckx