How do dress children for the Holidays?

Princess dress bordeaux

Finding the right outfit for a cozy Christmas dinner or a spectacular New Year’s party is not always easy. This is the same for your kids. You want them to look nice, cute or chic. But they must also be able to play carefree. The last thing you want is a nagging kid ruining your evening

Finding the right outfit for a highly sensitive child is often really an impossible task. These children usually know very well what they don’t want to wear. When you finally find trousers or a sweater that your child likes to wear, you will easily buy two, three or four of the same items. But for a party you want something different than the daily outfit.

I know this feeling very well: a beautiful outfit is ready for weeks in advance. But when the time comes my son doesn’t want to wear it. There’s nothing to do about it. I have really tried everything: begging, getting angry, blackmailing, punishing, … It doesn’t work at all. In the end, I usually couldn’t help but take a different outfit. When we finally arrived at the party, I was exhausted and stressed. Angry and tired I apologized for the inappropriate outfit of my son. Enjoying the party that followed was usually no longer evident.

I now know that it is better and more fun to go to a party with a happy child. I discuss with him in advance what he will wear. And I respect his choice. Did you know that you can make a simple, everyday outfit very partyproof by adding a simple accessory? For example, a tie or bow that you can simply wear on top of your daily t-shirt or sweater.

With these five tips you can make your kids partyproof!

  1. Choose a good model. Clothing that fits nicely immediately looks beautiful. For a girl, choose a dress with a wide skirt or circle skirt. Wide skirts make girls feel like a princess. This is how you look beautiful and chick and it is also perfect to play. You can run, jump, dance with it, but also while sitting cross-legged your dress will fall beautifully around you.
  2. Choose a pleasant fabric. For children, choose a fabric with a slight stretch. In this way they can play without feeling restricted or trapped in their clothes. Easy-fitting, stretchy fabrics can also look very chic! Do you want to turn your son into a real mini-gentleman? Then make sure he doesn’t feel as stiff as Grandpa. Choose beautiful pieces in which he is still able to move. Success guaranteed!
  3. Choose the right color. Choosing the right color is much more important than you think. Choose a color that compliments your child’s appearance and which he/she feels good about. A rather modest or shy child you better don’t put in a bright red outfit. And an exuberant child you better give a color on which you don’t see every dirt. This way he can play without worrying about getting dirty. Bordeaux and winterbloom are ideal colors for a Christmas party. They immediately look warm, festive and chick. Green is also an essential part of the Christmas period. Just think of the Christmas tree itself and all the beautiful green decorations inside and outside. Did you know Santa was originally dressed in the green?
  4. Feel good in your clothes. If you’re relaxed and happy, you’ll look shining. An outfit you feel good about is best. Everyone will compliment you!
  5. Also think of the maintenance of your clothes. The end-of-year period is already busy enough without worrying about outfits that need to be ironed up quickly. Getting yourself and your kids dressed up in time and being on-time at the party with all the gifts is already a task in itself. So prefer to choose qualitative fabrics that wrinkle little or not. You don’t have to iron them and they still look good after sitting at the party table for hours.

If you check these tips when choosing your party outfits, it will be perfect!

Simple pieces with a good cut in a beautiful color are the best for the holidays. It is often very busy at home. The party table is full of decoration. Let the Christmas tree shine the most and make a statement by wearing a sober outfit.

One thing is certain: You will shine!

Less is more!

And that is absolutely true!

Written by Apr. Sofie Dierckx