Itchy Labels

“Mama it itches on my belly” 

Do you recognize this sentence?

Then you probably are the mother of a sensitive child. Or maybe even a highly sensitive child.

Do you recognize it in yourself? Now or when you were a child?

Feeling goodabout yourself is very important. Both mentally and physically. And this does not include itching or tickling of unwanted labels in clothing. They are usually on the left side, these are the wash labels (which must be present in every item of clothing). Sometimes also on your neck, the brand labels. They have one thing in common, they itch. It starts as a slight inconvenience. With a little moving you can bear it. But the more you struggled, the harder it becomes to ignore that nasty thing. Increasingly intense, itching becomes irritation. Your skin turns pink to even red. You can no longer bear it, it has to be removed now! You grab your scissors and cut, to free yourself from that diabolical thing.  

But, what if you are still a child? Too small to say what’s wrong, maybe even too small or too young to know why you feel uncomfortable? 

The nerve system of babies is not yet fully developed as in adults. This makes them feel uncomfortable without being able to pinpoint exactly where the discomfort is. There is only one option: cry.

Mama can figure out what’s wrong.

Toddlers are already more developed, but locating irritation is something that you only learn around three years old. If your child is younger, he or she will express his displeasure sooner by moaning, being difficult or crying.

For young children it is still difficult to clearly say what they feel, and it is certainly not possible to indicate the exact location. Quite a task for the parents to figure out what is that bothers their little one.

As a mother of a highly sensitive child, I chose not to sew a tickling label in my clothing. Even if you cut it out, there is always an annoying polyester edge. If you cut even better, there is a chance that you will damage your clothing, yes I have already experienced that, more than once.

I chose to have our logo and the mandatory washing instructions printed in the clothing. No tickling, because feeling good is important, and a mommy feels good when her child is happy.